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Piese camioane
piese de camioane
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The Headquarters is in Bucharest, Militari area. Address: Iuliu Maniu Bvd. 447-451. The big retail store is opened from Monday to Friday between 8.30 and 17.30 and Saturday between 8.30 and 13.00. We consider your requests also on phone: 021-3118586, 0724-333888, 0742-048888, or fax number 021-3006058.

PRO TECH team is waiting You to discover the new world of quality parts!


Bucuresti – Headquarters

Iuliu Maniu Bvd. 447-451, 6th District
Tel:   021-311.85.86, 0724-333 888
Fax:  021-00.60.58
E-mail:  office@pro-tech.ro

Canta Street 61
Tel:   0740-555.348, 0749-220.522, 0752-220.522

Traian Vuia Street 155B
Tel:   0264-274.467, 0728-879.850, 0756-031.095
Fax:  0264-274.465
E-mail:  cluj@pro-tech.ro

Aurel Vlaicu Street 124
Tel:   0728-879.849

E-mail:  constanta@pro-tech.ro

Baldovinesti Road 16
Tel: 0751-129.115, 0735-513.900
E-mail:  braila@pro-tech.ro


Micro 18 District, Brailei Street 258bis
Tel:   0336-802.894, 0756-031.097
Fax:  0336-802.894
E-mail:  galati@pro-tech.ro

Alba Iulia Road 83, 27B Block, Ground Floor
Tel:   0369-448.957, 0756-031.093
Fax:  0369-448.957
E-mail:  sibiu@pro-tech.ro

Ghiroda Village, Calea Lugojului Street 100A
Tel:   0256-201.160, 0728-879.852, 0756-031.096
Fax:  0256-201.160
E-mail:  timisoara@pro-tech.ro

Turnu Severin*
Spl. Mihai Viteazu Street 1I
Tel:  0252-312.520, 0748-097.853
E-mail:  turnuseverin@pro-tech.ro


* franchising branches